Live your Holiday

LIVE YOUR HOLIDAY Some ideas on how to spend a wonderful holiday at Le Sei Conche and in the Salento area.

If you love the sea

Kitesurfing, scuba diving, boat rides, cave visits. From Santa Maria di Leuca to Gallipoli, along the Ionian coast of Salento, there are many experiences for sea lovers on offer. We recommend a visit by boat to the Ionian Sea karstic caves, from San Gregorio to Santa Maria di Leuca, such as Grotta delle Tre Porte and Grotta del Drago, and beyond the white lighthouse dating back to 1864, you can continue to the Mannute caves on the Adriatic. The old town of Gallipoli can be circumnavigated by boat or sailing ship.

If you are passionate about art

The Messapian town of Ugento, the old town, the cathedral, the castle, via Salentina, between the Church of the Santi Medici and the chapel of the Madonna della Luce covered with lights at the end of September for the celebrations of Saints Cosimo and Damiano, with a procession and band concert in Piazza S. Vincenzo. A visit to the New Archaeological Museum, in the former Franciscan Convent, where the stone blocks of the Tomb of the Athlete can be found in the cloister. Then, with a single ticket you can also visit the Adolfo Colosso Collection in via Messapica 28 and the Crypt of the Crucifix, outside Ugento: a small rupestrian church with walls and ceiling covered with frescoes dating back to the 13th and 17th centuries ( In nearby Casarano, the Church of Santa Maria della Croce in Casaranello is a treasure chest of art with early Christian mosaics and Byzantine and Gothic frescoes. And then there are two of the most beautiful villages in Italy, Specchia and Presicce, full of palaces, houses with courtyards and underground oil mills.

New Archaeological Museum

If you enjoy good food

Go in search of gastronomic goodies and sample traditional dishes, perhaps during the many summer festivals or in the local trattorias: there is the scapece gallipolina or Quatàra, a fish soup from Porto Cesareo, the pitta di patate or aubergine parmigiana, the durum wheat or barley frisa, seasoned with cherry tomatoes, oil, salt and oregano or pittule, sea urchins and raw seafood. These are some of the recipes that must be tried: the Fava e cicorie, made with mashed white broad beans cooked in pignata and wild chicory, the Ciciri e tria with chickpeas and strips of fried pasta and the octopus in pignata. And if you enjoy food, try the cream pie or the fruttone with almond paste covered in chocolate.

Sea urchins and raw seafood

For committed sports lovers

Hiking along the seafront among dunes and pinewoods or discovering the basins, first built in the 1930s to reclaim the extensive Ugento marshes or in the karst gullies, such as that of the "Specchia del Corno"; cycling along the canals for birdwatching, or horseback riding on paths through centuries-old olive groves, along asphalt or dirt roads, accompanied by the scent of aromatic herbs, to discover the unique habitat of the Ugento Coastal Regional Natural Park.

Surf, Kitesurf